We are the Smith College Class of 1986.


Reunion Schedule

Here's the schedule for the weekend. See you around!

2016 Reunion Schedule





Guess who's coming to Reunion? A list as of April 15.

Guess who's coming to Reunion? There's still time to register:
Neelum Ashraf Amin
Mariquita Accibal Anderson
Mary Anderson
Samina Arif
Michele Beasley
Diane Blake-Johnson
Kimberly Bonde
Melissa Boxer
Erika Smith Brewer
Mary Brigid Burke Brindley
Sydney Burgess
Elizabeth Amelkin Cahn
Melinda Champion
Meredith Simms
Suzanne Cooper
Lisa-Anne Culp
Leigh Culver
Kyle Curtin
Laura Dabney
Rozlyn Coleman Engel
Erika Zimmer Enger
Rosemary Enright
Nicole Melander
Robin Fernkas
Angela Ferragamo
Anna Freitag-Kedersha
Karin Lee George
Nina Gibson
Katie Browne Gilson
Robin Greiner
Susan Nebelkopf Gruskay
Faith Hawkins
Nicola Hill
Robin Howell
Chrys Kottis Hutchings
Margaret Innes
Padg Jordan
Abbe Karmen
Sue Kennedy Kennedy
Maria Considine King
Amy Dupuis Landau
Christl Hutter Larson
Carolyn Lattin
Rachel Lavine
Adrian LeBlanc
Gianna Terranova
Jillian Paige Giangrande
Jong-Won Lee
Donna Martin Lerner
Rebecca Lebedeker Lewis
Anna Mayor
Tracey McDougall
Ann Frei McLaughlin
Susan Campbell Mercier
Cynthia L Meyn
Patricia Moya
Jane Hamilton Nielsen
Unjoo Noh
Beth Bruno Oberlander
Paula OLoughlin
Anne Marie Papandrea
Madeline Phillips
Deborah Pomerantz
Paola Prins
Karen Ravanesi
Kamala Sachidanandan
Priya Seshachari Sanger
Anne Savarese
Katherine Schneider
Catherine Seidenberg
Margaret Shaw
Michelle Shields
Julia Sone
Sheila Scrudato Stehlin
Lisa Davio Szlosek
Pamela Talese
Lucy Thomas
Valli Kleven Thornton
Carla Tishler
Cassandra Tseckares
Martha Vail
Alicia Brooks Waltman
Gerri Brother Weiss
Deborah Wess
Meredith Westfall
Laura Wolf
Vanessa James Wolff
Kathryn Davie Wood
Cathy Yum


Register for Reunion Now

Reunion registration is now open:


Hope to see you there!


Wanted: Programming Ideas for Reunion

Hey, 86ers!

Samina Arif & Nicola Hill here! We're the co-chairs for the 30th Reunion and we would love your input for programming. Specifically, what sort of TOPICS would you like to hear about AND which CLASSMATES would you recommend as speakers on those topics? Our class is so accomplished and has had wide-ranging experiences and we want to share that with everyone. Programming times are during Friday and Saturday evening dinners (about 20 minutes).

Let us know what you're thinking!


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